Why Ottava?

Alright, folks, gather around! In a world where spreadsheets and databases can be a real snooze-fest, Ottava is here to set your data dreams on fire. We're not just software; we're a game-changer, a data revolution like no other. But hey, have you ever wondered how Ottava came to life? Get ready for a behind-the-scenes journey that's more inspiring than you'd expect.

Who Are We? What is Our Story and Why Do We Understand Spreadsheets That Much?

In 2005, Ottava's journey began, inspired by the pioneer ZK framework, a game-changer in web UI development. We started with simple UI components and gradually evolved to create ZK Spreadsheet. More than a decade of dedication to the spreadsheet domain led us to Keikai, the next-gen web spreadsheet framework.

Our journey wasn't just about technical expertise; it was also about building meaningful relationships with a diverse clientele. We've proudly served Fortune 500 companies, delivering excellence, while also becoming the preferred choice for individuals and small teams seeking a white-label Google Sheets alternative. Our mission is to empower users to safeguard their ideas and share expertise with confidence.

But our story doesn't end with spreadsheets. We've excelled in the SaaS platform realm, with Quire, our Project Management Software, faithfully serving thousands of companies for an incredible decade. Join us on this exciting journey, where innovation and client satisfaction drive everything we do.

From Babylon to Ottava - The History of Your Tables

Let's dive even deeper into history. Tables and numbers have fascinated us since the days of ancient Babylon.

Picture this: the Babylonians, way back when, had a super-sophisticated number system. They'd "write" on wet clay by pressing a stylus or wedge into it in a handful of crafty ways. Sounds pretty ancient, right? But the core idea of managing data? That's been around for ages.

Henri Chen, the mastermind behind Ottava, put it perfectly:

"Spreadsheets have been around since ancient Babylonian times, so their basic concept should be straightforward. However, when it comes to data pivoting, a 2D data entry table can add unnecessary cumbersome. This is why Ottava came to life – to retain Excel's strengths and core values while eliminating the complexities of data entry and analysis."

Ottava: Where Data Entry Gets a Makeover

Alright, let's dive a little deeper into what makes Ottava truly stand out. When it comes to data entry, Ottava isn't just different; it's a game-changer. You see, other spreadsheet-based apps often have you entering data in a tabular format, one data point per row. Sure, it works well for statistics and crunching numbers, but let's be honest - it can be a real headache when you need to pivot your data.

While other apps often require you to work with un-pivot tables, Ottava offers a refreshingly different approach. Our goal is to not only simplify data entry but to make it incredibly intuitive. Picture this: you input your data into an already-pivoted table, and suddenly, it's like a breath of fresh air. You're greeted with an instant, crystal-clear overview of your data.

The outcome? Data entry becomes a breeze, and you can bid farewell to those troublesome human errors that tend to sneak into the picture, especially when managing complex spreadsheets. Ottava doesn't just change the game; it completely transforms your data interaction experience. Say hello to data entry that's as smooth as a hot knife through butter, all thanks to Ottava's innovative and superior approach.

An Evolutionary Journey That Keeps on Giving

We're not just about spreadsheets; we're on a journey from Excel Templates to App Builders and Effortless Data Management. The lightbulb moment? Realizing that templates are more than placeholders; they're powerful apps in their own right. That revelation set us on the path of No Code innovation.

We set our sights on mastering data management, from smooth data entry to intelligent interpretation. Ottava lets you stick to your trusty Excel-based workflow while adding advanced data analysis capabilities to your toolkit. It's a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation. Ottava inherits Excel's top features but adds a modern, intuitive twist. Our deep Excel expertise drives the development of a more comprehensive product, ensuring seamless data input that meets your expectations. Say goodbye to errors and hello to a unique experience.

Designed for everyday folks, Ottava makes data management, chart creation, and data analysis a breeze, with no tech wizardry required. We bridge the gap between your data needs and the complexities of conventional data tools, delivering an intuitive data management experience that's second to none.

Ottava: Ignite Your Creativity with Data

At Ottava, we're not just sprucing up spreadsheets; we're unleashing your creativity. Join us on this innovative journey, where every spreadsheet becomes your canvas, and every user becomes a data virtuoso. Welcome to Ottava, where there are no boundaries to innovation, and where the wisdom of ancient Babylon meets the digital age's sheer genius. Let's get creative with data!

Vicky Pham
Marketer by day, Bibliophile by night.